Last week the Green Bay Packers were hammered by San Francisco 38-7.

Although the NFL is known to week league, that has two major drawbacks for Green Bay in their past few outings and they got the look of a club that could limp in the playoffs.
After allowing the Bears 21 unanswered points in the second half, the New York Giants got the cover using a touchdown at Chicago of the
The Packers and Giants have played with each other as 1928 and faced off to the NFL championship five occasions out of 1938 to 1962 (Green Bay won three times). This blend has also met three times since 2008 using New York winning twice.
Although this seasons competition will not have exactly the implications before, for Doug and Swinging Johnson, it will look like it.
The NFL chances have Aaron Rodgers along with the Bundle as a 6.5-point road preferred down a point from the opening lineup.
Doug Upstone: While my parents had taught me to stay humble and never be full of yourself since difficulty could be lurking ahead, I need to admit playing constructing an 8-5 lead in mypal Swinging Johnson since Buffalo ran roughshod over Denver.
Gloating isnt my thing and I will let because as I am very aware, the losing streak is right round the corner, others revel in their success.
SwingerI know that you are going to hammer on me for financing Green Bay and while will most likely concur that Packers have been as fortunate as they great, the New York football Giants do not wag this dogs tail.
While quarterback Daniel Jones has 17 touchdowns, with his interceptions (8) and fumbles (14), I dont know if you noticed, but he is has a brand new nicknamePillsbury, to get all the turnovers he has created in his very first year.
Please describe your rationale regarding why the G-Men could pull off the shocker.
Swinging Johnson: Truth, I was pained by the loss of a week, Doug. . .pained me, I tell you! Interesting reality – In a weeks Select 6 Contest at SBR I travelled 5-1 and can you guess which one of those six games dropped? Cmon, take you guess that is wild. Yeah, the DenverFreakin Broncos! Alright, well that was then and this is now, and now we see the lumber being laid by Doug on the street with a favorite. Yes, Im making fun of you Doug since you seem like the strangest Joe Q. Public.
Personally, I am staying sharp and backing a home dog that is dwell . The problem for the Packers is theyre neglecting to do the 1 thing you will have to do so as to triumph in the NFL – rating. Thats right, Green Bay is averaging 14 points a game over their last three plus theyre not good against the run.
Saquon Barkley will feast on this Packers run-stop device and when the Big Blue floor game will get rolling, it will choose the pace and speed out of the hands of the Packers, slow down the game and – voila – youve acquired a New York cap within this one. Oh Learned Certainly, tell me, where am I wrong?
DU: among the very finest attributes, Swinger is the sense of comedy. Kind of a combination between one of these Italian mafia movies in which the boss says to one of the minions,You are a funny man, you entertain me and the latest TV version ofKids Say the Darndest Things
Case in point,….when the Big Blue floor game has rolling. A fast trip over to the NFL stats finds the Large Blue game in 21st in the league. The fact they are ahead of New England and Miami is notable I guess, but strong.
Granted, Im first in line to admit the Packers run defense is 26th, however against running teams that are less able theyve generally been improved. In case the defense of the Green Bay long on three different occasions and gets New York in 3rd, is a one in three chance the one pick or of those will result in a fumble.
The Green Bay crime is jagged, against good defenses. Even the G-Men are 28th in points. The New Yorkers are just one place ahead of the Bundle in 27th, but here is the distinction although when looking up total yards enabled. The Packers have been 7th in yards per point the Giants are 30th and because we points will decide the results, I like my chances.
But you didnt make me laugh. Please, Id love some more of your comedic genius.
SJ did you hear Barry Gibb has fallen ill? Night Fever, yeah, he has! Alright, that joke was a Tragedy, lets move on.
Now getting back to the game at hand, my concern is that Saquon Barkley hasnt been playing Saquon Barkley as of late. This could be due to a minor injury, poor play calling, or even more than probably an offensive line that is not blowing holes big enough to operate through.
Perhaps all three but what I do understand is that Daniel Jones torched the Jets for 3 TDs and also has tossed 11 TD. The Giants pass defense will be statically superior than the Packers. Whats going to happen in this match is that Jones can get on his groove and move the chains and when Green Bay begins jerking on the pass, young Barkley will probably be breaking up the run-stop unit of Green Bay.
The Giants may not win the game but they will get the cover. Green Bay is better than they have been lately but that is Aaron Rodgers and theyre not a team to put nearly a touchdown. As always, I apologize for you type sir, for your last word although Im sticking with the home pup that is dwell here.
DU: Swinger, I understand when I start bringing out the tendencies for NFL selections you love, so that you are. The G-G-Men are on a 2-10 ATS rush playing in the home and 1-8 ATS.
The Pack, on the flip side, is 9-2 ATS after one or more losses. Honestly, if Green Bay was at -7.5, I would probably pass, but at that price, too good to pass up.

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