Imagine if I told you could send winners this postseason? Well, thats where we are at, as we have been red-hot to begin the playoffs out. We picked up a win when we supported the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Washington Nationals on the road last night. Washington chose to scrape Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer, and rather go Anibal Sanchez, with their number four guy.
That indicated the Nats were essentially throwing in the towel on game three, and instead, resting up their starters. Therefore, I backed the Dodgers and Hyun-jin Ryu, and felt just like the Dodgers were the restrictive favorites.
As, during five innings, they held a 2-1 lead, However, the Nationals ended with a choice. So, instead of keeping of resting up for a big push after in the show, to their plan, they made a decision to bring in newcomer Patrick Corbin from their bullpen in the sixth inning, to try and steal the match. Even the Nationals bullpen is bad for a team, and theyve used Stephen Strasburg and starters Max Scherzer from the bullpen in this postseason to great success.
But last night, the bet did not pay off for Washington since Corbin got blasted for six runs in under an inning pitched, along with the Nationals went out of a lead. Its easy to armchair quarterback this one after the fact, however, the Nationals watched the opportunity to steal the game, and they have made it clear they are going to use their pitching team.
I know the move. However, as they head into games four and five, both as must-wins, they have yet another weapon as Corbin should not be available now to lean on. For the current pick, we will stay here with the NLDS and split down match between involving the Nats and the Dodgers.
The Washington Nationals locate themselves at a situation tonight as they host the Los Angeles Dodgers in game four of those five-game NLDS, trailing two games . Washington managed to knock off the Dodgers from LA and take home-field benefit away in the Boys in Blue. However, the Dodgers fought back last night in game three to four regain control of the collection. LA will seem to close out things tonight.
Beginning for the Dodgers is Rich Hill (4-1 2.45 ERA), and for the Nationals its Max Scherzer (11-7 2.92 ERA). The game is placed in runs. The Nationals are all -129 favorites. First pitch is scheduled for 3:40 PM PST in Nationals Park in Washington DC.
In case you have an absolute must-win game, there are. Mad Max has been one of the best arms in the National League since joining the Nationals and has not just one but three Cy Young Awards in his trophy case. He has finished in the top five of the Cy Young voting for six seasons, and the sole reason this year he might not end up at the top five is he missed considerable time to injury.
Scherzer was used by the Nationals out of the bullpen in game two, and he struck out the side and aided Washington tie the series up with a large win. He had this year to one beginning against LA and was powerful as he threw seven innings, allowed two runs, and struck out seven. The Nationals won the match.
And winning is some thing that the Nationals do a good deal as they are 12-3 in his fifteen begins of if Max pitches. Scherzer shows no signs of slowing down exterior of the injuries as he struck 243 men in a hundred and innings this season. Thats a K/9 ratio of thirteen! The best of his career.
Since they are passing up on starting game one newcomer Walker Buehler the Dodgers are creating a small questionable move in this game, and are going together with veteran Rich Hill. Hill missed and only returned to the group in mid-September. He has been great since rejoining the group, but they have worked him back quite slowly as he has pitched two-thirds of a inning and just five in 3 joint starts.
Hill has only one missing decision this year, and it came in the hands of those Washington Nationals. On May 9th, Hill had the worst start of the season since he lasted only five innings against Washington earned runs, along with the game was lost by the Dodgers. It will be intriguing to find out if they are looking to utilize him in a more conventional fashion, becoming five innings, or if the Dodgers use as an opener pitching an inning or two or more out of him.
It looked as though the Nationals were giving up the match to put up themselves to win games four and five. And that I agreed with the strategy. They were prepared to drop the battle to provide themselves a much better shot at winning the war. And I feel just like the Dodgers are doing the exact same thing here in game . With a monster such as Max Scherzer on the mound, it was going to be difficult to win the match.
So, instead of going with Buehler, they will retain him Kershaw, or maybe a mix of the two, for game five in LA.. And thats no apology to Hill, the guy is a veteran and will play hard, but at a game such as that one you will want a guy that has pitched more than five innings since June. This show has had a lot of moves being created, and that I love seeing the chess pieces move.
I believe Mad Max comes with a start for those ages, and it would not surprise me to see him as unless they absolutely have to Washington clearly does not want to utilize their bullpen. And if the Dodgers get they may pack it and get ready for game five at home. So, I will back the Nationals along with Scherzer in what needs to be a rowdy environment, at home. Give the Washington Nationals at -129 tonight in game four to me!

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