Strain Review: Headband

Attention — you will need a smell proof vault if you purchase this strain or a feeling of smell like Dewey Cox should you want to bring this stress anywhere with you.

The aroma ended up being like a young child on starting of Disneyland standing there at day 6:59 AM for a 7:00 AM opening. It absolutely was pressing to leave of this container. Also Before we even though it was sealed, I could cbd oil 100% already smell this nice lady had the opportunity to fulfill. (Does that sound okay?, maybe perhaps maybe not whenever we had been chatting about an individual, however when we are referring to cannabis, i do believe that’s okay)

Headband’s parents are a couple of rock that is famous for the cannabis world — Sour Diesel and OG Kush. To not ever be mistaken for Sour Kush or Sour OG.

Starting the container, that diesel lineage is strong by having a hint of citrus and a small tinge of lumber.

The thick buds are medium-size by having a trim that is nice. Tints of emerald green, lime green and dark, very nearly red hairs are visible immediately contrary to the white walls in the Tilray Stink Sac.

There’s a very nice remedy on|cure that is really nice these buds as well as the dampness content is on point having a touch that is nice of’ for them.

The buds grind up with a little bit of trouble as a result of trichome content of this batch — it’s very sticky and types of reminds me personally of this cotton candy at Disneyland except it is green.

Time for you to vape.

My H3 from Herbalaire happens to be heating when you look at the wings. The bag starts to inflate with a nice vapor and we commence to salivate as I think about the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride of flavours that await me personally.

We inhale the vapor to taste the fuel from the Sour Diesel straight away. It might be a Small World, but this one has big, bold flavours. The gas taste continues to be here from the exhale, but out of the blue it changes and there’s a solid musky, soapy-ness that just comes out of nowhere. It reminds of a genuine Kush. Possibly here is the OG pushing through.

I actually do prefer to test cannabis using a clean glass water bong in addition to vaporizing, nevertheless the balloon from the H3 had been therefore delicious, I’m going straight back for an extra.

About 30 seconds I kinda feel like I’m on after I put down the second bag Area Hill!

Hold on tight!

This isn’t a light stress. At 25.5% THC and a sativa on top of that, it does not land when you look at the kiddie part.

This stress discomfort and truth be told sleeplessness. Even though it’s a Sativa, i might start thinking about it a hybrid I do a pretty good as I do notice Resting Beauty replica whenever I use this one about an hour or more before bed.

When I compose this I’m on about minute 58 since my vapor that is last bag I’m willing to go down to Neverland.